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Not adding, unless I know you.
Read my extended information. ♥

My thoughts & memories are all that I have that are personal, so for that reason, I don't add just about anyone. Simply comment to be added. ♥ Tell me something about yourself and if we have enough in common, I might add you. All I ask is that you read & comment every now and then. I like to make real friends and don't want to be just another person on your big Friends List. I update when I can & want to. I update for myself, not for others. It's my journal, that I treat like a diary to record my life and happenings.
I think the best part is reaching that point of your relationship where everyday feels the same and that you don’t have to worry about anything changing. You’ll still wake up to the same sleepy face and still be encapsulated by the warmth of the same awkward limbs, and still be able to share the same silly comments and thoughts and faces that only you two understand. I know it sounds repetitive and boring and is just a pattern that some can’t break, but I think it’s the most comforting in the world because some people can never reach that point and I think it means a lot when you do. It’s letting someone see and be with you in a way that no one else could. That’s what makes it so special.



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